Friday, July 10, 2009

Suzuki Swift X Concept

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Do you remember the Suzuki Swift Sport test drive that we made a couple weeks ago(3rd page of the news)? If not you should stick around more often ! Well, to make it short it left disappointed about the performances but satisfied with the design.What was even more disappointing is the fact that Suzuki racing cars, mostly represented in the JWRC(Junior World Rally Championship, 1600cc)are brilliant. It started a couple years ago with the Ignis and it continues with the Swift, the proof being 3 cars among the top 4 of the category on a total of 5(Swift)engaged !All that we ask for is more sensations behind the wheel of a Suzuki Swift !Well it seems that the japanese manufacturer from the Shizuoka prefecture heard our call and presented the "Swift X Concept" at the 2007 Tokyo Auto Salon.While the stock Swift has got a soft and sporty design , here, we are taken into another dimension; the racing dimension, at least from what the exterior tells us. The body kit(front/rear bumpers, side skirts, rear wing)is impressive and almost fully made of carbon fiber, the exception comes from the rear where the job done on the visible part of the exhaust system is very nice.It is obvious that this Swift wasn't made to be taken on muddy rally stages but rather on the sweet tarmac of a race track, or is it ?Once the "Lambo-doors" opened we get to see an interior mixing the Racing World; bucket seats, steering wheel, rollcage...and the Tuning World; neons and a huge and well designed audio system in the back.In the end this Swift X Concept probably stands where it belongs in this Tokyo Auto Salon, the quality of the work is again excellent, we'll see in the future if this was simply a Concept or a little bit more.

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